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KUBO is the traditional Filipino home during the pre-colonial era. It is made from nipa palm and bamboo, and is considered as an icon of Filipino culture.

Kubo - A Taste of Filipino Home Cooking


We aim to introduce our customers here at Kubo to authentic Filipino dishes. Our recipes has been honed, perfected and handed down through generations of great cooks from the Mateo clan: Inang Regina for the rice cakes, Nanay Lilay, Mommy Celing, Nanay Adela and Nanay Letty for the dishes. Our food epitomizes what Tagalog cuisine from Bulacan is all about: fresh ingredients, meticulous preparation, balanced seasoning, with a generous sprinkling of love. They say you’ll never fully understand a country’s culture until you’ve tasted their food. We hope you’ll grow to love ours.


KUBO PDX is a dedication to the Philippines and the Filipino food I grew up on. Traditional and unaltered, KUBO strives to share my family’s recipes from The Philippines.

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